SELINSGROVE — Valley residents have the chance to make 11-year-old Selinsgrove Area Middle School student Graycen Hilbolt a worldwide sensation by Sunday.

She needs Valley residents to vote for her picture on Instagram today.

“Please go and vote for me,” she said Friday.

Graycen and her mother, Alison Tomko, entered an Instagram photo contest through Acrobatic Arts earlier this week.

Her photo joined 1,717 others of dancers showcasing acrobatic techniques.

Tomko submitted the picture of Hilbolt doing her best chin stand on the wall at Susquehanna University and on Sunday, the mother and daughter wished for the best.

Tomko then received her answer.

“(Instagram) emailed me and told me my daughter was selected as one of the nine finalists and the voting began on Wednesday,” Tomko said. “We are very excited.”

If Graycen were to be chosen, she will receive a $100 toward her dance training, Tomko said.

“It’s an honor for us and for our hometown of Selinsgrove,” Tomko said.

Graycen dances competitively and trains at the Susquehanna Valley Dance Company, Selinsgrove.

Her dance teacher is Laura Strawser while her acrobatics instructor is her mother. The winner will be announced Sunday, Tomko said.

“We are proud of her and we want people to go vote,” Tomko said. “We can’t wait to see the results.”

Graycen is extremely excited and is eager for the results, she said.

“Oh my gosh, yes,” she said. “I never entered anything before so this is fun.”

Graycen credits her flexibility on her previous activities.

“I was in gymnastics and cheerleading,” she said. “So I have always been flexible and having my mom as a teacher is pretty good. She’s pretty good.”

Graycen is asking for some help in getting her photo known worldwide.

To vote for Graycen visit or download the instagram app for your smart phone or tablet and type acrobaticsarts in the search and look for Hilmot’s photo.

Today is the last day to vote.

“I was surprised to make this far so I hope I do well,” she said.

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