SUNBURY — Tony Matulewicz says he is not about to battle his former boss in the May primary election for the Democratic nomination for Northumberland County district attorney because of any personal issues.

Matulewicz, a former assistant under District Attorney Ann Targonski, said he decided last week that he could bring new ideas and ways to move cases along to the department.

That decision, said Matulewicz, who has been practicing law since 2006, was difficult.

“We got along great,” he said of his relationship with Targonski. “It was a personal hump to get over to decide to run. But I decided to run for the job based on some ideas I want to bring to the office.”

No Republicans have announced candidacies for the $170,000-a-year job.

Matulewicz, 37, has been president of the Mount Carmel Borough Council since 2008. He was employed by Targonski from July to December. She hired him after her office was granted money for a part-time district attorney to help with the overabundance of cases.

Matulewicz was told in the fall he would lose that job because of budget constraints, and he decided to send a letter of resignation to Targonski in mid-December. He wrote he understood the concerns about the budget because of his experience on the Borough Council.

Targonski then informed Matulewicz he would be able to keep his job because the Northumberland County commissioners were going to adjust the spending plan and fund the position.

But he decided to resign anyway.

“I really liked the job when I was there, and I believe I have some ideas that can be put into place and help the office,” Matulewicz said. “So I decided I was going to run for the job.”

Matulewicz has worked in the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Department as an independently contracted attorney for mortgage foreclosures and legal advice since 2008.

He has not spoken with Targonski since he announced his candidacy Wednesday, he said.

“It is nothing personal,” he said. “I am running on my ideas. I’m sure we will talk soon.”

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