The Green Dragon Foundation’s president, Robert Kallin, told directors of the Lewisburg Area School Board that the nonprofit is raising funds for a greenhouse and a multipurpose building for the high school campus.

The foundation estimates the multipurpose building to cost $520,000 and fundraising is in its infancy. It’s proposed to be built between the turf field and the left field wall of the baseball field. The building would house a concession stand, public restrooms, a trainer’s room and storage for athletics teams and maintenance equipment.

The greenhouse is estimated at $109,000, Kallin said, with nearly $45,000 raised. It would be used by high school students and likely visited by students at least from nearby Kelly Elementary.

“We’d love to have that fundraising put to bed before next summer and maybe we can get going on the greenhouse,” Kallin said during Thursday’s board of directors meeting.

Kallin’s remarks were part of an annual wrap-up of the foundation’s activities. Last year’s was scuttled due to the pandemic.

The Green Dragon Foundation began raising funds for district projects and scholarships since its founding in 2008.

According to Kallin, the foundation has nearly $1 million in endowments. Last year, it provided $105,000 to the school district plus an additional $31,000 towards endowments.

Some of the purchases by the foundation include a new UV printer, tech lab robotics, a gazebo and picnic tables, tents for students at Kelly and Linntown schools, COVID-19 desk guards as well as food kits and STEM kits.

“We’re trying to raise money to spend here and now and we’re also trying to prepare for the future and create permanent funds,” Kallin said.

“I don’t think we could do half the things we do in our district without their support,” Director Lisa Clark said of the Green Dragon Foundation.

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