Federal investigators are mum about what caused a special team of state troopers to remove “hazardous substances” from a Union County engineering business over the weekend.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Philadelphia Division leads an investigation that necessitated a Pennsylvania State Police Clandestine Laboratory Response Team to remove unspecified materials from the Shiva Science & Technology Group office.

The business is located on Route 15 at River Road in East Buffalo Township, south of Lewisburg.

Two state police warning signs affixed to the business state “a clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of illegal drugs and/or hazardous chemicals was seized at this location” on Saturday and Sunday.

The signs say that “known hazardous chemicals” were collected and disposed of but warns that “hazardous substances or waste products” could remain in the buildings or the ground. The warning advises caution if on site.

The FBI wouldn’t comment on the nature of the incident but said the site poses no present danger to the public.

Calls to the state police and the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department were directed to the FBI.

“The FBI and our partners were at that location over the weekend to remove hazardous substances found on site, with the community's safety our highest priority. While we'd note the guidance provided by PSP's lab team to exercise caution if on the premises, there is no indication of any broader risk to the public,” according to a statement from the Philadelphia Division’s Public Affairs & Media Relations Program.

“As this is an ongoing matter, no further information is available at this time,” the statement reads.

Shiva Science & Technology Group is an engineering and consulting firm named after the Hindu god of the same name, according to the company website.

Shiva lists artificial intelligence, chemical engineering and robotics among its specialties. It touts a line of products including a coating for aircraft or rockets designed as a defense mechanism, said to reduce the effectiveness of laser targeting.

Other Shiva products include an on-demand beverage creation system geared for restaurants, weight-loss supplement and an in-development supplement designed to kill cancer cells and tumors.

The business’s interior was dark Wednesday afternoon but its website and phone number remained active.