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SUNBURY — Christy Willis will remain locked up on $200,000 cash bail after Northumberland County President Judge Charles Saylor denied her reduction request Monday.

Willis, 50, is the mother of accused killer Jahrid Burgess, 19, of Trevorton. She is charged with providing numerous false and misleading statements and attempted to prevent authorities from investigating the abuse of 3-year-old Arabella Parker, according to state police.

"My whole life has changed," Willis told Saylor. "I have to worry about losing my car, my home and my job."

Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz asked Saylor to deny the bail reduction based on the charges.

Troopers said Burgess beat Arabella so bad she needed part of her brain removed.

Willis faces felony intimidation, retaliation or obstruction in child abuse cases, felony hindering apprehension and prosecution, and a misdemeanor charge of false reports to law enforcement.

Willis claimed in a hearing in front of Shamokin District Judge John Gembic in October that state police "misunderstood her."

"They didn't understand what I was saying when they interviewed me," Willis told Gembic. "I can't tell them what happened because I wasn't there."

Arresting Trooper Brian Siebert said Willis lied in two different interviews, saying she was sitting at a kitchen table and Parker was eating a sandwich before falling to the ground and having a seizure.

Troopers said Willis was interviewed on Oct. 10 and told authorities she was inside the home and observed Parker eating a sandwich, walk from the table and fall to the ground with seizures, according to court documents. Willis said Parker began to gasp for air, troopers said.

Later during the interview, Willis said she was not at the residence when Parker began to have seizures, troopers said.

Troopers listened to a 911 call from Willis to Northumberland County 911 and said she sounded, “cool, calm and collected,” with no sense of urgency, according to court documents.

Matulewicz said if Willis would have acted quicker and not tried to help her son and Delcamp, Parker may have had a chance to recover from her injuries.

Saylor said the charges were "very serious" and he denied her request.

"I respect the judge's decision and I agree with it," Matulewicz said after Monday's hearing.

Arabella's mother, Samantha Delcamp, 24, of Trevorton, also faces homicide charges as Matulewicz said she knew about the abuse and never reported it. Delcamp is charged as an accomplice.

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