One of the participants in the “Doggie Dive” fundraiser at Knoebels Amusement Resort surveys the water conditions Sunday afternoon before diving into Crystal Pool.

ELYSBURG — Knoebels Amusement Resort welcomed dozens of furry visitors on Sunday for their annual “Doggie Dive” charity event.

The fundraiser was held at Knoebels Crystal Pool and invited guests to bring their dogs for a day of swimming and, of course, diving.

It cost $10 for each dog to participate, and all proceeds will benefit M.U.T.T.S, Mommy and Me Rescue and the Apex.

“We’re really into supporting the rescue process,” said Kimberly Blee, EMS Manager at Knoebels. “And, we thought it would be a cool idea to have a day for the dogs.”

Each dog was required to have a collar displaying rabies tags and licenses.

Brandy Wise, an Elizabethville native and proud owner of a dachshund named Obi, was thrilled to come out to their second Doggie Dive.

“Obi loves the water and he loves other dogs,” said Wise. “It’s great for him to come out here and it’s a great benefit to support rescue dogs.”

Debbie Stofanch, a Sunbury resident and her rescued terrier, Hannah, also enjoyed their time in the water.

Stofanch works with Haven to Home Canine Rescue and said that if there is ever an event in the area to benefit rescue shelters, she and Hanna are there.

Some people drove much farther to Knoebels to support the charity, however.

Robert Stephen, of Manassas, Va., and his beagle, Buddy, made the roughly 3.5-hour drive to Knoebels for the fundraiser, even though Buddy hates the water.

Buddy, equipped with a small, portable video camera attached to a harness on his back, documented the event for Stephen.

“He hates the water, but he’s here to videotape what’s going on and see it from a dog’s perspective,” said Stephen.

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