A Lewisburg accountant who is proposing to purchase Wood-Mode's assets and reopen the recently closed plant will meet with the company President Brooks Gronlund Friday.

Maurice Brubaker confirmed the meeting and said it will involve "a lot of people," including attorneys from both sides.

Brubaker has reached out to the 938 former Wood-Mode employees who were laid off May 13 and asked for their help in saving the Kreamer wood cabinetry manufacturer and keeping jobs in the area by investing in the proposed new company's stock.

"Any amount is appreciated as the deal is dependent on your participation," he said in the letter posted on Facebook Sunday.

The deal would require raising "millions of dollars" and is also contingent on Brooks Gronlund and his father, company CEO Robert Gronlund, agreeing to take care of the corporate debt, Brubaker said.

The Gronlunds have not responded to calls from The Daily Item.

Brubaker said his partners in the venture include two experts in investment and mergers and acquisitions. He said neither wants to be identified or comment on the proposal.

U.S. Rep.-elect Fred Keller, of Kreamer, said Brubaker is well-intentioned and would not pitch the buyout plan if he had any doubts it could work.

"Maurice is a fine, upstanding, honest gentleman. If he didn't think it was possible, he wouldn't do it. He doesn't need the headaches," said Keller. "He really cares about people."

They became friends after Brubaker challenged Keller for the GOP nomination during the 2010 primary race for the state's 85th Legislative District seat.

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