The Breast Reconstruction Awareness campaign, or BRA Day, will be celebrated October 21 this year. It is dedicated to providing education and resources for patients to help them “close the loop” on breast cancer by informing patients, care providers and the media “that the breast cancer loop remains open until a woman is informed of breast reconstruction options.”

BRA Day’s pink breast cancer pin sports a small “loop” to remember the possibility of breast reconstruction.

“Unfortunately, what has been documented is that too many that have undergone mastectomies are not aware of their choices for reconstruction,” said Nathalie Lavallee, MD, reconstructive and plastic surgeon, UPMC. “Our goal with BRA Day is to educate breast surgeons and general surgeons to inform their patients that breast reconstruction is available to them. We are there to explain the different choices so patients can make their own decisions.”

“The take-home message I always try to get out to the public is that breast reconstruction is an option, and here at Geisinger we offer all types of breast reconstruction,” said Christian Kauffman, MD, plastic surgeon and chair of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the Geisinger Surgery Institute. “All women should be able to have that discussion with us and know that breast reconstruction is an option.

“It’s always sad when we see women who’ve had mastectomies five to 10 years ago and they say they just weren’t aware. Unfortunately there are still some women that don’t know breast reconstruction is an option.”

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