There’s something generational about food — families pass down their secret recipes and special tricks in the kitchen to make life easier and more flavorful for their children and grandchildren.

Vanessa Gabel, of Riverside, appreciates that heritage.

“I have always loved to cook and sharing my passion with others,” she said, getting involved with Pampered Chef more than eight years ago while inspiring her young daughter, Kaitlyn, in the kitchen with the venture.

“She started booking parties for me on the playground in elementary school, and even began her own ‘Cooking with Kait’ live segment on Facebook in fifth grade,” Gabel said. “People loved tuning in for her tutorials on kid-friendly recipes performed in a British accent.”

Kaitlyn is now a freshman at Danville High School, a JV lacrosse goalie and loves arts and crafts, but she always makes time with her mom in the kitchen a priority.

“We enjoy cooking together,” Gabel said.

Both mom and daughter have agreed to provide a weekly dive into some of their favorite recipes. You can check them out on our Wednesday Taste page. We will also post their content online at

Don’t miss their video overview of today’s pineapple story, also available at You can follow the duo on Facebook in the group “Cooking with Vanessa.”

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We hope you enjoy!

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