Hospital celebrates nursing and health career scholarship awardees

Attending the scholarship luncheon held at Evangelical Community Hospital, were the following recipients, from left, front row, Lauren Rhoads, Paxinos; Rachel Hockenbroch, Lewisburg; Leah Kline, Middleburg; Hannah Swineford, Selinsgrove; Corrina Mordan, Sunbury; back row, Daphyne Ressler, Winfield; Aiden Bomgardner, Mifflinburg; Courtney Betsock, Winfield; and Isaac Ilgen, Mifflinburg.

LEWISBURG — A catered lunch reception was recently held at Evangelical Community Hospital for students who were awarded nursing and health career scholarships through the hospital’s scholarship program.

New this year was the addition of non-traditional students as eligible recipients of Mae Keefer Nursing Scholarship funds to assist in career advancement. These students include Evangelical Community Hospital employees who are looking to return to school to get an advanced degree in their current area of work or to get a degree in a healthcare related field outside of their current role at the hospital.

Students awarded the scholarships for 2019 are: Madelyn Ackley, Sunbury; Paige Adams, Dornsife; Brooke Aucker, Beavertown; Skye Marie Bostian, Sunbury; Morgan Bechdel, Milton; Johnette Bennage, Mifflinburg; Courtney Betsock, Winfield; Aiden Bomgardner, Mifflinburg; Emily Boudeman, Turbotville; Lisa Brinckman, Unityville; Caitlin Crouse, Mifflinburg; Serena Feese, Dornsife; Alexys Gemberling, Port Trevorton; Erin Hilkert, Lewisburg; Rachael Hockenbroch, Lewisburg; Isaac Ilgen, Mifflinburg; Kelsey Kline, Sunbury; Leah Kline, Middleburg; Briana Krawec, New Berlin; Lexus Kurtz, Sunbury; Caitlyn Lichtel, Elysburg; Corrina Mordan, Sunbury; Daphyne Ressler, Winfield; Lauren Rhoads, Paxinos; Alicia Sorgen, Sunbury; Reilly Spriggle, Mount Pleasant Mills; Kelsy Stafford, Mifflinburg; Madyson Stroup, Mount Pleasant Mills; Amanda Strouse, Paxinos; Emma Swineford, Middleburg; Hannah Swineford, Selinsgrove; Madison Vankirk, Northumberland; and Shiloh Wert, Mifflinburg.

After a brief welcome, the recipients and their guests were treated to a catered lunch. Tamara Persing, RN, BSN, MS, CIC, FAPIC, Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, was the keynote speaker for the event.

Persing relayed how her career in nursing evolved from school to where she is now.

“If you would have told me one day I would be in the advanced nursing position I am at Evangelical Community Hospital, I would have never believed it,” said Persing. “The sky is the limit when you set goals and believe you can achieve them.”

“You begin your journey in healthcare and it takes you to unexpected places, where you learn a little bit of something from everyone you meet, your coworkers, your mentors, your patients. Soon you find yourself in a rewarding career and in a position to give back. Today is the day we get to give back and if you ever need a mentor or a voice of experience, we’re here for you.”

John Allison, Senior Gift Officer, shared a brief explanation and background of the individuals who are the namesakes of the scholarships and appreciation for the donors who help make the scholarships possible.

The Mae Keefer Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in 1988 by the hospital’s Board of Directors. It was named to recognize the longstanding dedication and contribution to the profession of nursing by Mae F. Keefer, RN, retired Director of Nursing at Evangelical. The Fund provides support for nursing students from Northumberland, Snyder, and Union counties.

The Crystal D. Snyder Nursing Scholarship fund was established by family, friends, and The Degenstein Foundation in 2008 to honor the memory of Crystal D. Snyder. The Fund provides annual scholarship support for local nursing students living in Northumberland, Snyder, and Union counties.

The John Family Health Careers Scholarship at Evangelical Community Hospital, generously made possible by The John Family Foundation, provides annual financial aid awards to traditional, full-time college students who are pursuing a career as a respiratory therapist, medical technologist, clinical laboratory scientist, cytotechnologist, or physical therapist.

For more information about scholarships at Evangelical for nursing and health careers or to make a donation for future scholarship awards, visit

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