Local artist found his way back to music

Life seemed a little surreal for 9-year-old Antonio Andrade when he first saw the Beatles' famous appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

“Everyone was going crazy — it sure looked like a lot of fun,” he remembered.

Two years later, he acquired his father’s old guitar and was signed up for his first lessons.

“I realized then that you really had to practice and work at it — so I decided that was it. I was done,” he said. “Thankfully, I found my way back. It has never been a career or a way of living, but I sure noticed the pleasure and fun that came to me through music.

“I realized that I really enjoyed performing in front of an audience – it became a big part of the passion for me.”

He stuck with it ever since, working to improve his playing and ultimately the path led him to a new album that was recently released called “Lucky in Love.”

“These are historic times for all of us. We’re all trying to do our best,” he said. “So I’m excited to have a record coming out at this time — it is nice to have something going on while live performances are stopped.”

Andrade recently experienced his first online performance, and admitted it was quite different than what he is used to.

“I was asked to do a livestream as a guest of the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame. I played in front of an iPad that was broadcast online and it was a lot of fun, but it was not the same as doing it with people right there,” he said. “The strangest part is that there is nobody in the home with me, so it was like the fastest a room every cleared out after one of my gigs. There’s always someone staying behind to shake hands or talk. It was definitely different.”

Andrade is anxiously waiting to return to live performances. Check out more about the evolution of his music in this week’s Keeping the Beat podcast at dailyitem.com.

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