Local band aims for fun performances

The Less Boys perform at the Turbotville Carnival in 2016.

Sometimes it’s less about the smoothly rehearsed moves and more about the fun and sheer joy of making music that gives the audience a good laugh. That’s the kind of music performed by The Less Boys.

The band started several years ago when friends Ryan Ossont and Bucky Cutchall played bluegrass mountain music together. They were soon joined by fellow music lovers Ken Fausnaught, Jim Bilger, Doug Ward, Chrissy Eyer and Rex Cutchall, all from Columbia, Montour and Northumberland counties.

They quickly found appreciative audiences.

“Oh, they love it,” Bucky Cutchall said. “The music we play is the old, forgotten, hillbilly music like the old ‘Hee Haw’ theme. Today’s bluegrass music has changed. It’s more complicated. There’s nobody out there that plays all the old hillbilly, bluegrass music.”

The band got their name from Cutchall and Ossont teasing and calling each other Worthless and Useless.

“But together, we’re priceless,” Ossont quipped.

Humor, jokes and teasing are a central part of The Less Boys’ show. Cutchall said he likes to tell family jokes similar to those seen on the TV show “Hee Haw.”

“Keep them laughing, keep them in good spirits,” he said.

The group has played at fairs, carnivals, churches, fire halls and wineries all over the state, including the Bloomsburg Fair. Cutchall plays a clawhammer banjo similar to the one Grandpa Jones played on “Hee Haw.”

“It’s a forgotten art,” Cutchall said. “You can go to bluegrass festivals and only find a handful of musicians that play the clawhammer banjo.”

The main purpose of each show is to have fun and let the audience have fun.

“We’re just full of life and full of energy,” Ossont said. “People say we bring back so many memories. They say you guys are so funny. We can see you love the music and you’re enjoying it.”

“There’s nothing professional about it, I can tell you that,” Cutchall said. “If you make a mistake, you laugh about it. It’s like an old porch jamboree.”

The Less Boys have produced one album, “Unrehearsed.” It is available at their performances; however, with the number of fairs and carnivals canceled due to the coronavirus this year, the group has no gigs planned at this time. Watch “The Less Boys” on Facebook for new engagements.

“We’re just backyard hillbilly pickers,” Ossont said. “Enjoying life, enjoying the music and having fun with it.”

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