SUNBURY — Northumberland County officials approved more than $1.1 million in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to help fund COVID-19 relief, road reconstruction, sewer improvements and the fight against slum and blight.

SEDA-Council of Government Project Coordinator Linda Sterling, who presented the projects for approval to the county commissions at a recent public meeting, will host a final public meeting for the regular entitlement funding in August before the projects are submitted to the state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). DCED must give final approval.

"We have the regular entitlement funding and we also have the special CDBG CV (coronavirus) funding," said Sterling. "That funding needed to be used specifically to fight the coronavirus."

Of the $1,117,965 in CDBG funding, $154,460 is used toward the administration of the applications for both rounds.

The regular CDBG funding for the county's project consists of $68,500 for the Housing Authority of Northumberland County toward the elimination of slum and blight; $96,700 toward Locust Gap Sewer study and rehabilitation; $52,571 toward Herndon/Jackson Township Water and Sewer Authority Water System upgrades; and $6,500 toward county administration.

Delaware Township was also approved for $80,599 toward Clemens Road stormwater damage; Milton for $73,449 toward the removal of architectural barriers and $30,500 toward the elimination of slum and blight; Mount Carmel for $93.352 toward the Oak Street Downtown Park; and Ralpho Township for $74,129 toward the township gym and $2,500 each toward the community food bank and fuel oil assistance.

The CDBG funding for COVID-19 relief for county projects consists of $149,522 toward CSO Cares of COVID. Delaware Township was also approved for $15,933 toward a decontamination system for Urgent Need and $39,893 toward CSO Cares of COVID; Milton for $43,465 toward Milton Salvation Army COVID assistance and $18,600 toward Milton Urgent Need; Mount Carmel for $50,000 toward COVID response and $9,287 toward CSO CARES for COVID; and Ralpho Township for $20,825 toward CSO CARES For COVID, $5,000 toward the community food bank, $5,000 toward fuel oil assistance; $10,000 toward student laptops, $4,660 toward PPE for Urgent Need and $10,000 for internet hot spots for Urgent Need.

CSO Cares For COVID refers to the Central Susquehanna Opportunities Inc.'s efforts to provide relief to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The motions were approved unanimously by Commissioners Sam Schiccatano, Joe Klebon and Kymberley Best. There was no public discussion among the commissioners during the meeting.

The final public hearing will be held at 11:45 a.m. Aug. 4 in the Northumberland County Administration Center. Following the public hearing, the Northumberland County Commissioners will consider any public comments and action, and the approval of the application.

The COVID funding, due to its emergency nature, has final approval from this week's meeting, said Sterling. 

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