7-year-old raises money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Katie Reber, 7, of Mifflinburg, prepares to sell lemonade in order to raise money for Saint Jude’s Children Research Hospital on Saturday in Mifflinburg.

MIFFLINBURG — If you ask 7-year-old Katie Reber, selling refreshing lemonade on a warm summer day in order to help sick children is one of the most satisfying feelings a person can have.

“I thought of this last year and I made $250 to donate so I wanted to do it again this year,” Reber said. “I want to be able to help sick children.”

Katie chose Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as the place she wanted to send her earnings, she said.

Katie, who helped her mother, Laura Reber, 32, prepare the lemonade, set up a stand on Reber Road, and sat back and waited for the customers.

And after nearly four hours Katie raised $420, her mother said. 

“I think helping people is a good thing,” Katie said. “I wanted to be able to make money and donate it to the kids. You never know who may need help.”

Katie Reber said she took all the precautionary measures and set up a hand sanitizing station so that when customers would stop for a drink, she could be prepared. 

Laura Reber said she was proud of her daughter.

“What a great feeling to know my daughter is starting at a young age to want to be able to give back,” she said. “She wanted to do this on her own and when she told me about the idea last year, I was happy to help her.”

Laura Reber said she planned on having the lemonade stand earlier this summer but was concerned about COVID-19.

“She (Katie) was very careful and wanted to make sure we had the proper sanitizing here,” she said. “I am very proud of her.”

Katie said she plans on having another sale to benefit sick children again next year.

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