SUNBURY — The victim of an attempted shooting testified on Friday that he had one confrontation with his alleged attacker over a road rage incident prior to the March 11 shooting incident.

Joel DelValle Figueroa, of Sunbury, said in Northumberland County Court on Friday that accused shooter Julio Costales, 30, of Sunbury, cut him off while driving a few weeks before March 11, which led to a verbal confrontation near Weis on Market Street. Figueroa said he didn't see Costales again until he found Costales parked at 8th Alley and Greenough Street near Figueroa's home.

"I saw him take out the gun," said Figueroa, who was driving home with his father. "I heard the gunshots."

One bullet hit the front driver's side fender and another lodged into the door of the vehicle just below the driver's side window. Costales allegedly drove away but was later taken into custody at gunpoint along Greenough Street. Costales faces felony charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, discharge of a firearm into an occupied structure and firearms not to be carried without a license and misdemeanor counts of reckless engagement and simple assault.

The hearing on Friday was for three cases involving Costales, including the attempted homicide case. Judge Paige Rosini determined that two of the cases had enough evidence to move forward to trial, but delayed her decision on the attempted homicide case so she could review the evidence and testimony from Figueroa and Sunbury Patrolman Terry Ketchem.

Ketchum testified that they found Costales with two handguns — one in his pocket and one in his apartment — but Costales does not have a license from either one. A lab report indicated that Costales had gunshot residue on his hands on that day; the ballistics report is still pending, Ketchum said.

Rosini also reduced Costales's bail from $900,000 straight cash bail to $250,000 straight cash bail. She said she would re-evaluate it at a later date.

"If you give me a chance, I can go to work," Costales testified. "I already have a job lined up. I want to do what I can to prove I'm not the person they say I am."

The other two cases involve charges from February and April 2019. Costales is facing misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief for allegedly damaging his ex-girlfriend's vehicle in February; and two misdemeanors of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct and summary harassment for allegedly forcing his way into the same woman's house and damaging furniture, according to court documents. 

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