Candidates says it's time for GOP to diversify

MILTON — The latest announced Republican candidate seeking to fill the Congressional District 12 seat vacated by Tom Marino is an executive at a nursing agency — and a former Lewisburg High School graduate.

The candidate, Joseph Moralez, of Milton, who announced on Friday, joins three other candidates, Chris Hoffman, of McAlisterville, and vice president of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, Pennsylvania State House Rep. Fred Keller, R-85, of Kreamer, and State Rep. Jeff Wheeland, R-83, Williamsport.

The Republican nominee will be chosen by a meeting of conferees. There will be a meeting in Williamsport on Mar. 2, with committee members from each county deciding on the best nominee. 

Moralez on Monday said his nomination, as a black, gay, conservative would "bring a unique perspective to Washington, D.C.

"Our party is at a crossroads," he said. "We need to expand our base and diversify."

A vice president of sales with StaffQuest, a statewide nursing agency, Moralez is a Trump supporter. He believes big government is not the solution. Lower taxes facilitate job growth and economic empowerment. And a stronger military and border security are a necessity. 

"I am pro-life, pro small-government, pro Second Amendment, and pro-wall," he said. "I believe in a simple tax structure, and I am a supporter of a flat tax that is fair for all."

To prevent stagnant ideas and Washington gridlock, Moralez believes in congressional term limits where no congressman serves more than five terms.

"I believe that public servants, like congressman and senators, should not be paid," Moralez said. "This is why if I were to be elected, I would only use part of my salary for traveling to D.C., lodging, and meals while working. The remainder of my salary would be donated back to nonprofits in the 'Mighty 12th.'"

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