The House Transportation Committee will soon be working on radar for every municipal police department in Pennsylvania, a topic that's been pushed by the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce's Transportation Committee.

State Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver on Friday informed the chamber committee via Zoom that the house committee will be discussing radar as well as fees for electric vehicles and bridge repairs conducted through public-private partnerships.

"I thought you would be very happy to hear that," said Culver to the committee.

Shamokin Dam Mayor Joe McGranaghan, who chairs the Transportation Committee, has been pushing for a radar bill to be adopted by state lawmakers. Legislators are hearing that drivers might not want radar for municipal police, which could hold up the bill, he said.

"I can't imagine any person getting excited about it because it will lead to someone getting a ticket," said McGranaghan. "It's a safety issue, not a citizen issue."

Culver agreed, noting that a driver won't be stopped if they're not speeding.

McGranaghan in the past has cited PennDOT's statistics as one of the reasons to advocate for changes in the law and allow the use of radar for municipal police, noting that Pennsylvania is second in the nation in speed-related deaths on municipal roads..

Committee Member Sam Pearson said a "comprehensive campaign" should be started to spread information about radar and tie it to road safety.

James Saylor, the Transportation Planning Program Director for SEDA-Council of Governments, said the discussion on electric vehicle fees is also an important one to have.

"Over the long term that will be important," he said. "You have major manufacturers, like GM, saying they will be 100 percent electric in 10 years. This is something we need to be looking ahead with. I'm glad to see this is under consideration and we can work on solutions now."

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