DANVILLE — Adrienne Mael quickly signed up after learning StudioB Yoga Center and the Danville Area Community Center were collaborating on a new floating yoga class.

"I love it there. I love people collaborating together," she said before the first floating yoga class, which started Tuesday evening in the community center.

Mael got her fiance, Max Angle, also of Bloomsburg, to join the class as well.

The class of 10, which quickly filled up, will be held weekly for eight weeks. Another class will be scheduled. Becky Duignan, StudioB owner, teaches the classes.

"This is something that is new and exciting that we haven't done before," Duignan said.

She was familiar with doing yoga on a paddleboard and practiced on a paddleboard at the community center pool.

Duignan began the class with warm-up exercises. "We want you to fall into the pool," she told participants of climbing back onto the boards, which uses deep muscles.

Heather Laubach, community center director of operations, said she approached Duignan about partnering with the class. "I like to partner more with the community. A lot of members who come to the center do yoga and a lot bring their kids to the center for swim classes," she said.

The community center will hold a new tsunami class, using the floating yoga boards, starting in January and will be taught by center Assistant Director Billie Ingraham.

Laubach said the tsunami class will be a fitness water class offering a good workout and a fitness challenge.

Ingraham described the tsunami class as a "high intensity water fitness class" and said floating yoga started with people doing yoga on stand-up paddle boards. "These are similar but with no rudders," she said of the tsunami boards.

The blue tsunami inflatable boards, made of PVC, arrived Monday at the center. The community center bought the boards.

Marie Eiswerth, of Danville, signed up for the class after her sister-in-law saw it posted on Facebook. "She's coming too," Eiswerth said of Val Tanner, also of Danville.

Duignan's sister, Melissa McGann, of Danville, is part of the class and takes classes at the yoga center.

Laubach said the center is the only facility in the area offering these classes. She became certified to teach the class after working with a group from Colorado.

Montour County Reporter