COAL TWP. — Students in the Northumberland County Career and Technology Center’s welding program will have plenty of material to work with in the coming year.

On Thursday, pipeline operator Williams and natural gas producer Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. donated to the school about 200 feet of pipe — each piece about 40 feet long — and related parts such as steel joints, valves and pipe fittings, valued at a total of about $30,000.

“Now we have supplies we would not be able to purchase,” said the school’s Administrative Director James F. Monaghan. 

He said that is saving taxpayers money, as well.

The approximately 25 students in the welding program will use the materials to get some hands-on training to prepare them to work in the gas industry.

Shamokin Area, Mount Carmel Area and Line Mountain school districts send students to the school.

“We have a partnership with Cabot Oil & Gas,” Monaghan said of how the donation came about.

Monaghan said Cabot provides scholarship money that is used to purchase equipment or tools for students in the various courses of study at the school, based on financial need. The money could go for equipment for cosmetology students, tools for those studying carpentry or a chef’s coat for culinary students.

“This year we were eligible for $10,000,” the director said. “We utilized the 10,000 to benefit our students. Next year the allocation is $15,000.”

Monaghan said school officials also hope to open up the welding program for adult education at night. Even some with welding experience who don’t have experience with pipes would benefit from the program by improving their skills to work in the gas industry.

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