SUNBURY — Sunbury Councilman Josh Brosious wants to give all city employees who worked through 2020 a bonus for staying dedicated to the city, residents and each other through the pandemic.

Brosious said he wants to use some of the $980,000 the city received in American Rescue Funds to show appreciation for the employees.

“I want to give the workers some type of bonus money for being an essential worker during that time,” he said. “A set amount is not determined but any amount is well deserved by these hard-working employees. They were out when everyone was home and they kept the city running from the beginning of the pandemic and still to this day and should be rewarded for their dedication to the city.”

City Administrator Derrick Backer explained the official guidelines on what the money can be used for is yet to be determined.

“Well regardless I want to start having these discussions and meetings with the public to get them more involved in how we spend this money,” Brosious said.

Mayor Kurt Karlovich said he also wanted to wait until the guidelines came out and to also see recommendations from whatever management company the city uses to distribute the funds.

Treasurer Kevin Troup said he wanted to wait as well but also recommended the city manage the funds themselves.

COVID-19 policy

Council members also approved an updated COVID-19 policy which no longer requires employees to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status.

Karlovich and city officials said they will still recommend people wear masks, they just won’t enforce it.

“I think it should be left up to the individual to decide,” Brosious said.

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