SUNBURY — A Coal Township woman avoided a lottery scam earlier this week, according to the Northumberland County District Attorney's office.

The woman received a flyer on Aug. 12 advising her that she won $4.2 million in a lottery called Mega Millions. The wording suggested that it came from the desk of the company presidents and advised the woman to call a number outside the U.S. to claim her prize, according to the DA.

A claim number was provided along with a deadline for claiming the prize. In this particular case, the flyer contained a photograph of three people holding a $61 million check from the Mega Millions lottery, the DA said.

DA Tony Matulewicz said lottery scams are common and the fictitious names associated with these flyers are constantly evolving. Many of these flyers appear to be authentic, he said.

Scammers use technology that allows the caller to put any name and phone number they chose on a caller ID. Even if a number appears to be from within the U.S., it may have originated outside the country, the DA said.

Matulewicz said do not give out personal information, especially a social security number or banking account details. These scammers will offer to transfer the prize directly to your banking account. Their intent is to obtain your bank account information so they can steal the funds from those accounts.

If you are told not to tell anyone about the winnings, or if you are asked to pay a handling fee or a percentage of the winnings before claiming the prize, you are being scammed, the DA said.