DANVILLE — Early afternoon attendees at 40 Fest, Danville's American Legion Post 40’s celebration of their 100th anniversary, held Saturday afternoon at Danville's Soccer Complex on East Market Street, enjoyed live music on stage, courtesy of Runaway Stroller, a Lewisburg area group, several games for kids, and lots of food.

"In 1919, the boys came back from World War I," explained organizer Brian Sosnoskie, of Danville, "and Montour County had a five-day-long party for them. Obviously, we couldn't do a five-day celebration, so we are trying to do something to replicate it."

This event, Sosnoskie said, "isn't about making money — admission was $30 for adults, but kids got in free — so much as celebrating this great community, our American Legion Post 40."

Sosnoskie had the idea for the celebration for about a year. "This is the first time we've done something like this; certainly the first time we've held an event at the soccer complex.

There is a family area where kids were having a ball enjoying a bounce house, giant inflatable sliding board, obstacle course and dunk tank.

Sitting in the tank, egging on the throwers trying to dunk her was Karla Bloskey, of Danville.

"Never did this before," she said, laughing hysterically, moments before being dunked. "It's a riot. Though maybe I should have worn some different clothes."

Dunking her was Henry Race, of Danville.

Race had a mean fastball, Bloskey said. "Bet you can't do that again, young man."

And, of course, he did. Twice more, to his delight.

Around the corner at the slide, Luis Moreno, of Riverside, with no line to wait, climbed up inside the slide and yelled out as he slid down the rubber slide.

Then he did it again.

"I can see I'm going to have to drag him away from this," joked Moreno's mother, Laura.

Meanwhile, the music festival portion of the celebration, Sosnoskie said, began at 1 p.m., with Runaway Stroller, followed by five other bands,

"I'm not planning on staying all afternoon," said Molly McDonald, of Danville, who was sitting on a canvas chair in front of the stage. "Beautiful day to get out, nice music. My father was a veteran so I thought this celebration was something I should be at." 

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