MOUNT CARMEL — Two pit bulls were captured Monday morning after the dogs ran free from a residence and turned aggressive against a teenager, catching and killing one of three tiny dogs the 15-year-old boy was walking.

A Cairn Terrier was snatched away from the teen's arms as he tried to fend off the pit bulls about 7:30 a.m. in the area of Sixth and Beech streets, according to Police Chief Todd Owens. The teen and other two dogs, both Chihuahuas, were not injured, he said.

Pepper spray was used to chase one of the pit bulls away, a female. The male, however, didn't relent as it attacked the terrier, Owens said. The police chief used a rope from his cruiser to lasso the pit bull and tie it to the vehicle's bumper. By that time, the terrier had died, Owens said.

Criminal and dog law charges are pending further investigation. Owens identified Ryan Kaskiel, 28, and Megan Bidlack, 26, both of 440 W. Second St., as owners of the pit bulls.

Dog law enforcement officers quarantined the aggressive dogs, Owens said.

Owens distinguished Monday’s incident from a mauling in Shamokin earlier this year in which two males were accused of allowing two pit bulls to run free off leashes to chase a cat that was subsequently cornered, caught and killed by the dogs.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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