LEWISBURG — East Buffalo Township supervisors at Monday's meeting discussed the coverage they would be requesting of the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department next year — and their contribution.

"In the last police commission meeting," said Board of Supervisors Chair Char Gray, "Chief Paul Yost had asked for the municipalities contribution request. Under terms of the contract, each municipality requests PPUs [Police Protection Units].

"We decided to request the same number of PPUs that were used this year, for next year," Gray said. "I think everybody agreed that we are getting good, solid coverage."

Gray said the board also suggested the contract at some point be rewritten to make it easier to understand for everyone involved, including for officers who have to track their own PPUs.

"At our police commission meeting this Wednesday," Gray said, "we are going to request 25.3 PPUs, where 3.23 PPUs equals one officer. Yost will build his budget from that. He knows how many officers he has available. This is just part of the process of how the contract is written today."

The board also signed off on a maintenance agreement regarding a request by the Lewisburg School District for one acre of wetlands...to be used by students as part of their educational opportunities.

Meanwhile, supervisor Matt Schumacher wanted to remind residents that brush pickup, which began on Monday was a one-time thing. "If you put out your brush, that's it, until October, when there is another pick-up period.

"Be patient," he said. "We'll get to you.

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