SUNBURY — Sunbury Councilman Jim Eister announced Saturday he is seeking another four years on the board.

Eister, 66, of Sunbury, a Republican, has served the city in various roles, including four terms as a councilman.

Eister spearheaded the Riverfront Project, which opened in August 2012, and he said he has much more to do for city residents.

"I am honored to serve this city and my heart and soul belong here," he said. "I want to continue moving us forward and working on bringing in new business."

Eister has also been involved in the Chestnut Street Reconstruction Project, which opened in November.

The project went from Front to 10th streets. Eister worked alongside the Sunbury Municipal Authority during the three phases of the project, he said. 

"We have several more projects beginning this year, including the reconstruction of the intersection of Arch and 4th streets and the Reagan Street project which is also getting ready to begin," Eister said. 

Eister said his biggest plans if re-elected is to work with the new set of Northumberland County commissioners to develop the former Northumberland County owned 22-acre Celotex site.

"That land just sits there and I really want to see something developed," Eister said. "I plan on working with the commissioners and our city leaders to make sure we can put that land to good use. We need to in order to get the tax-revenue we are losing by it just sitting idle."

Eister also said he wants to continue with his efforts in helping the yearly Sunbury Celebration.

"The four-day event is done every year for the youngsters and our city," Eister said. "I enjoy being part of that every year."

As a councilman, Eister is in charge of parks and recreation and said 2018 saw the skating rink and the swimming pool bring in nearly $300,000 gross for the year, the most ever.

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