LEWISBURG — A power outage that lasted more than 12 hours, the result of the overnight rain and wind storm, caused several businesses in Kelly Township to close down, for at least part of Monday until electricity could be restored.

Without power to keep their meats, vegetables, and dairy products fresh, and frozen foods safe, Walmart closed their doors to customers and removed all those products from their shelves, said Tara Ashton, Walmart senior manager, national media relations.

“We have to adhere to health codes and certainly 12 hours without electricity requires the actions we took.”

Local Walmart Assistant Manager Mark Johnson confirmed that products had been thrown out. He said the store re-opened to the public at 2:30 p.m. 

Even as customers resumed shopping, employees had roped off the frozen food, deli, and meat aisles, removing some products and beginning the re-stocking process.

At the Sheetz convenience store, some items had to be thrown out, said manager Sandy Brunson, but she couldn’t be specific as to how much. “I only started my shift at 1,” she said.

In the morning, the gas pumps at Sheetz were shut down. Inside the convenience store, customers could make purchases using only cash.

By 1:30 p.m., power was restored at Sheetz, and all functionality was back to normal, the manager said.

A short distance to the south, the Country Cupboard was closed. So too, Matty’s Sporthouse Grill.

The Weis Markets store along Route 15 near Lewisburg was seemingly unaffected.

“When we have a weather event and lose power,” said company spokesman Dennis Curtin, Monday night, “I get an alert. I didn’t. So I think we were OK.” Curtin explained that when there is a loss of power at one of their stores for a significant period of time, they generally send out a refrigerator truck to preserve food products, but on Monday, there was no need for that truck and the store was open for business all day.

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