COAL TOWNSHIP — A female inmate attacked another female inmate at the Northumberland County Jail on Sept. 5, according to the Northumberland County District Attorney's Office.

Jennifer Marie Broscious, 28, is facing charges of a misdeamonor count of simple assault and a summary count of harassment for attacking inmate Amber Gabari on Aug. 4. Video evidence revealed Broscious launched the unprovoked attack after an argument over food trays, the DA said.

Broscious began yelling a Gabari, mounted her and threw punches until staff members broke it up, according to court documents.

Gabari sustained injuries to her face and head. She was treated by the jail's medical staff following the incident, the DA said.

A statement taken from the correctional officer who was supervising the block on the incident date is consistent with the video evidence, the DA said.

A preliminary hearing will be scheduled in front of Shamokin District Judge John Gembic within the next few weeks.





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