SUNBURY— After six decades, the Sunbury Train Station is about to reopen its doors to the general public.

The historic structure, located on Third Street, was built in 1872 and has not been open to the public for at least 60 years — but that's about to change, according to 19-year-old co-owner Noah Stotter. 

On Nov. 1, the "Sunbury Station" will open and the building will be transformed into an antique marketplace with 25 vendors initially. 

"We will have about 50 vendors when we are complete," Stotter said. "I wanted this building so we can give it back to Sunbury and this was an opportunity we couldn't pass."

The first and second floors will be used for vendors selling antiques, while Stotter said the third floor will be occupied by Central Credit Audit Inc., a collection agency, that was owned by the late Jess Woodring.

Stotter, and his father Jeb Stotter, the president and CEO of Northshore Railroad, decided to purchase the building and transform it.

"I love history and antiques that have a story," Noah Stotter said. "I love this building and I think it will be great for people that have not been able to enter this building for so long to now be able to come in and walk around."

The red brick building was purchased in 1992 by the Woodring family, and Noah Stotter said he was impressed with Woodring's work.

"There was really nothing to do in here but line up the vendors," he said. "Mr. Woodring took such great care of this building."

Noah Stotter said he plans on using the red brick sidewalk and the parking lot next to the building as more vendor space in warmer months.

"We have the space to have such a great antique location," he said. "We are getting so many calls from vendors wanting to have a spot."

He also wants to have space for dining options. "We are hoping to have a cafe with outside seating," he said. 

Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich said he was thrilled to see the building back open to the public.

"It's so great to hear this historical property will be utilized for people to come and shop and visit Sunbury," Karlovich said. "I commend this young man for his efforts in investing in Sunbury and I can't wait to walk around the place myself."

For now, the plans are to have the building open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. 

For more information visit Sunbury Station on Facebook. 

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