SUNBURY — The Sunbury Community Pool will receive much-needed repairs thanks to a $150,000 grant from the Degenstein Foundation, according to City Administrator Jody Ocker.

Ocker said the pool needs about $150,000 worth of restoration and, thanks to the grant, the pool will be updated and ready to go for the summer months.

Ocker said that two large pumps that keep the water circulating to ensure proper chlorination and filtration were fixed in 2019.

“Unfortunately, time and sun have taken their toll on the pool surface which is deteriorating causing plaster to loosen and crumble making the surface rough and even sharp in some places,” she said. “The seams that allow for expansion and contraction have begun to leak. Each year they are re-caulked but that is not a long-term solution.”

Ocker said city officials consulted a commercial pool designer and builder, Aquatic Facility Design, to assess the condition of the pool.

“They confirmed what was already suspected,” she said. “The pool needs a complete renovation. The project will include cutting out the existing seams with a margin of several inches of concrete on either side, pouring new concrete and installing expansion joints with modern material that better withstands the expansion and contraction.”

The project will also entail removing loose, crumbling plaster followed by resurfacing where needed. The entire surface of the pool will be painted with a special sealant to protect the plaster from the harmful effects of sunlight and mineral imbalances of the water.”

The total cost was $150,000, Ocker said.

Ocker said now that the city received the funding she will start the bidding process to other various pool companies.

“We are very grateful for the Degenstein Foundation and all of the support they provide this community,” she said. “They are fully funding this project to give the opportunity for our kids to enjoy this pool.”

Ocker said she hopes to have the project started in the spring and completed by the end of May, which is when the pool opens.

The pool, which was built in 1960, was last restored 20 years ago, Councilman Jim Eister said.

Eister, who is in charge of parks and recreation, said he was thankful to the foundation.

“The pool is a community asset and we can’t be more grateful to the foundation,” Eister said. “I am so happy the community in the past six-months came to the table and support our recreation. The fact the foundation continues to support the recreation in the city is amazing.”

The pool is attached to the Sunbury Ice Rink and Ocker said the rink is a major moneymaker for the city in the winter months. Ocker said the pool breaks about even the months it is open.

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