LEWISBURG — Willow Playworks may install playground equipment across the country, but company President Andy Willow has some special work assignments scheduled for the Greater Susquehanna Valley.

“I grew up in Mifflinburg,” he said. “I have a lot of family here and my roots are here.”

Because of his love for his hometown, Willow said his company has been installing and maintaining local playgrounds with little to no cost for the owners. The company recently started working with Lewisburg to maintain their recreation areas.

“There’s a park right down the street there that we can take care of,” he said, referring to Hufnagle Park. “On a local level, we try to do as much charity work as pro bono as we can.”

In 2015, Willow Playworks set up playgrounds for the Ronald McDonald House and Camp Victory.

Willow Playworks Vice President of Operations Chad Willow, Andy’s cousin, said the company emphasizes inclusivity while laying out playgrounds.

“Being inclusive isn’t just putting a handicapped swing in the back of the playground and saying it is ACA compliant,” he explained.

How are you locating items? Do you have a space for an autistic child to play without too much noise? We want children to be able to play together more with our designs.”

Chad Willow added their company just wants to give back to the community. “We grew up in this area,” he said.

“A lot of the people we’re helping are our neighbors and families. Playgrounds give families a place to gather.”

Andy Willow said the company wants to give children an opportunity to have an enriching experience while on their playgrounds.

“We didn’t have what they have now. We had maybe a steel slide and swings,” he said.

“I want my nieces and nephews to have an opportunity to experience what we didn’t have.”

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