SUNBURY — The Sunbury Hill Neighborhood Council will host a “Hill Work Party Weekend” on July 17 and 18.

The purpose of the event is to assist people in the neighborhood, regardless of their income or age, with some outdoor projects that they have been wanting to do or just unable to do themselves, Hill Neighborhood council member and City Councilman Chris Reis said.

“People from anywhere in the city can submit projects for consideration, and then the committee will select ones that they can fit into the two-day window,” he said.

“We have a small budget as well to assist with certain projects so, even if people don’t have the money for the materials, please apply and we will see what we can do.  The kind of projects that we are looking for is painting, light landscaping, mowing grass, weed whacking, mulching — basic outdoor repairs.”

The application to apply can be found on the Hill Neighborhood Council Facebook page, Reis said.

“Renters or owners can apply. If it is a renter and it is changing the look of the house, we would need landlord permission but, for simple things like mowing, we would not,” Reis said.

The project was created to replace the Sunbury Hill Night Out for this year that typically takes place in August.

“Our goal was to still give back to the community like the Hill Night Out does but to do it safely and complying with all state and federal guidelines,” Reis said. “These will be small groups going house to house so social distancing will be in effect.”

Sunbury Hill Neighborhood Council President Derek Van Ruler said the group wanted to show “hope.”

“In a year of difficulty, we want to bring hope and help to the residents of Sunbury,” he said. “We would love to help those in need with small projects around the house so that we might build a better community.”

Reis said he is happy the group can help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Giving back to the community in this fashion helps strengthen our neighborhoods and bring people together,” he said. “Especially as we all come out of the pandemic and summer is kicking off there are projects I am sure people would love to get done but just need a little help. We hopefully can provide that help. We just need people to get on and apply so we know is looking for some assistance.”

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