The Pennsylvania Department of Health removed information from a survey of Milton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center after the facility disputed findings regarding a resident’s hydration.

Nate Wardle, Health Department press secretary, said the dispute was received Sept. 6 and completed Oct. 6. However, the information was live Oct. 7 when The Daily Item used survey contents for an update on Health’s oversight of Milton Nursing following a COVID-19 outbreak there. The information was also published by other media outlets.

“Milton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center filed an informal dispute resolution in regard to that survey and the survey findings, and as part of the resolution the tag referenced was removed,” Wardle said.

The survey, completed Aug. 26 and uploaded to the Department of Health’s website the week of Oct. 6, was a review enacted following four complaints. Surveys aren't published until at least 41 days following complete per Health Department policy.

Inspectors found that at the time of the survey, the facility was in compliance with infection control regulations. However, the survey originally said the facility failed to ensure “adequate hydration” to a resident suffering dehydration who subsequently died.

The information related to the patient and to hydration measures has since been deleted.

The Daily Item informally requested records of the dispute and the department’s response and having received no definitive response, filed a formal records request under Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law.

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