SUNBURY — The Northumberland County Jail has reduced its inmates by 32 percent as of Tuesday, according to a media release by President Judge Charles Saylor.

"This was a concentrated effort over the past 10 days to reduce the exposure to COVID-19 of inmates charged or convicted of misdemeanors, balanced against the safety of the public," said Saylor. 

The court, along with the county district attorney's office, adult probation department and county prison staff, have been working together in order to reduce the prison population in compliance with the recommendations of the state Department of Corrections and Governor's office, said Saylor.

The jail had 277 individuals in custody on March 15 and 189 as of Tuesday, said Saylor. 

Those non-violent offenders who have been released at this time may have been held on detainers, waiting on bail modification or closed to their minimum date for release. The court along with the DA's office will continue to review on a case by case basis to release other individuals, said Saylor.



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