SUNBURY — The Northumberland County Courthouse will continue implementing judicial emergency procedures until Aug. 31.

President Judge Saylor on Thursday issued the order, which extended the court's order from May 6 that set up safety precautions for access to the building on Market Street. 

Statewide rules that restrict the use of advanced communication technologies are suspended, but the courts are authorized to use communication technology to conduct proceedings. Statewide rules that impede local provisions for court filings by means other than in-person delivery are suspended, Saylor ordered.

Statewide rules pertaining to the rule-based right of criminal defendants to a prompt trial are suspended and jury trials are suspended at this time, Saylor ordered.

The order will be posted at a public location in all court facilities and be made available on the county website as well as the Northumberland County Legal Journal, Saylor ordered.

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