MILTON — Dante Welton loved to read.

The 11-year old Baugher Elementary student, who died in January, now has his own section in the school library after teachers decided they needed to do something in his memory.

Fifth-grade teachers Bethany Rudloff and Zach Shaffer began to immediately plan after they learned of the news of Welton's death.

"It all hit us very hard," Rudloff said. "We wanted to make sure we kept Dante's memory alive."

Rudloff said she had Welton for half the school day and Shaffer had him the other half.

"You would look at Dante and think he wasn't paying attention and you would ask him a question and he would just answer correctly," Shaffer said. "He was so bright."

The teachers decided they were going to get a special spot in the school library and call it "Dante's reading Den" because of his enormous desire to read.

Dante's father, Seth Welton, said the Milton Area School District has been a huge support to his family through the entire situation.

"They all have been so great to us," Seth Welton said. "When they told us about the section in the library, I was so happy to hear."

Seth Welton and his wife, Nancy, arrived at Baugher Elementary on Wednesday and for the first time were able to see the section dedicated to his son.

"He (Dante) would love this," Seth Welton said. "He just loved to read and he would be so proud of this."

Rudloff and Shaffer said the school also does other various fundraisers in Dante Welton's name in order to give out prizes to various students to do well in classes.

Rudloff said teachers are easing students into the library's newest section because of the questions that may be asked.

"We are taking it slow and again this whole situation hit us all very hard," she said. "We know the students will love this."

Seth Welton said he is also working on a scholarship program for the Milton Area High School set up in Dante's name for students looking to go into graphic designs.

"Dante wanted to create games," he said. "I am trying to get something together for the high school so we can get a scholarship."

Dante was killed in his sleep by his mother, Nicole Welton, 32, before she killed herself in a Lancaster County motel on Jan. 9.

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