Dr. Jennifer Polinchock’s transition into her role as Lewisburg Area School District’s new superintendent was hardly traditional.

Hired in February to replace former superintendent Steven Skalka, Polinchock found herself in March observing Lewisburg Area’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic from afar while aiding Centennial School District’s own response as her tenure there as assistant superintendent drew to a close.

Polinchock formally took over at Lewisburg Area on July 1 and was immediately inserted into the district’s ongoing creation of a reopening plan. It’s expected that school board directors will vote on a plan proposal during a special virtual meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday. The plan is now available online for public review at www.lasd.us.

Polinchock is the latest guest of The Daily Item’s One on One video interview series. She addressed reopening schools, the state’s mask mandate and what goals she set for the district during her tenure.

“Upon my arrival, we really needed to take a look at whether we’d be opening up schools for in-person learning at all,” Polinchock said, adding that it took an assessment of staff assignments and instructional technology resources. “We came to the determination that we could reopen schools as it stands today for in-person learning using all the safety protocols and mitigation techniques in order to make sure the students and staff are safe.

“We know we want to offer an online learning experience for parents if they choose to take that. Every family has a different situation and we have to be respectful of those wishes,” Polinchock said.

Find the full interview at www.dailyitem.com.

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