SUNBURY — Huntington Valley Attorney Mike Levin attended his first Shikellamy School Board meeting Thursday night as the new district solictor.

Levin, of the Levin Legal Group, of Huntington Valley, arrived for a 20 minute work session Thursday night at the district administraton offices on Packer Island replacing attorney Mike Kula, of the Apfelbaum-Kula lawfirm.

The Shikellamy School District has been represented by the the Apfelbaum's for the past 52 years.

In the past, the district has been represented by the late Sidney Apfelbaum, his son Jeffrey Apfelbaum and the late Michael Apfelbaum, who died in a plane crash in North Carolina, in September 2015.

In 2015, Jeffrey Apfelbaum decided to no longer take on the solicitor position for the district. Michael Apfelbaum, who was still in practice with his brother, became the solicitor.

The Apfelbaum lawfirm has made several donations to the district through the years, including legal services at no cost to taxpayers.

Levin is currently earning $200 per hour, plus travel expenses for his legal services, according to Superintendent Jason Bendle.

Director Scott Karpinski introduced Levin to board members, Lori Garman, Slade Shreck, Jenna-Eister Whitaker, Jeff Balestrini, Mike Erb and Jennifer Wetzel when the meeting began at 7 p.m.

Board President Wendy Wiest was absent.

Bendle also told the board the district had three fire drills in the first week of school. Two at the high school and one at the middle school.

"We had a techinical malfunction and it caused the fire alarm to go off two days in a row," Bendle said. "Today, (Thursday) we had one at the middle school but tomorrow is a new day."

Bendle also told the board busing to the school from Northumberland went smooth and he thanked new high school Principal Marc Freeman for fixing a class scheduling mishap.

"We are off to a great start of the year," Bendle told the board. "I want to thank everyone for all working together."

Karpinski said a voting meeting will be held on Sept. 12 at 7 p.m.

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