SUNBURY — Northumberland County Court Administrator Kevin O' Hearn said the jail has received all of the COVID-19 test results back and the total amount of cases remained at 33 inmates and two guards.

O'Hearn said nearly 100 people were tested and on Friday all the results came back.

On Aug. 29, O'Hearn announced the jail had begun to receive test results back for inmates testing positive for COVID-19. By mid-week, the number ballooned to 33 inmates but on Friday O'Hearn said all the results came back and it has been stabilized.

"The intention of the plan was to mitigate it to one block," O'Hearn said. "But you never really know how it will work."

Warden Bruce Kovach told the prison board this week that all inmates in the block of the prison where COVID-19 was first reported have been tested.

Only two guards have tested positive, Kovach said.

O’Hearn said the jail continues to work with Northumberland County Adult Probation officials and Saylor in order to reduce the prison population.

On Wednesday, the number of inmates dropped to 199 from 220 on Saturday.

The jail holds a maximum of 284 inmates.

O’Hearn said the state Department of Health and the state Department of Corrections have been notified of the cases.

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