COAL TOWNSHIP —  A new code officer will join the code department in Coal Township in an effort to fight blight, according to Coal Township Commissioners. 

Bo Scandle was appointed at a recent Coal Township Commissioners meeting, Coal Township solicitor Vince Rovito said. 

The move was made by the township as part of a continuing effort to help keep blight under control at no additional cost to taxpayers, Rovito said.

Rovito said the position was open for several years within the code department but wasn't filled so they moved Scandle into the spot. 

"We were responding to the urgent cries of our citizenry to address the debilitating problem of code enforcement which is a precursor to blight which Coal Township is fighting desperately to combat," he said.

Rovito said commissioners are fighting to keep blight under control through vigorous enforcement by police and code enforcement officers. "But the blight relentlessly continues and with 29 miles of township to patrol, the police are dedicating their efforts to protecting citizens not enforcing our ordinances and well they should," he said. "No position was created, no additional taxpayers’ money was spent, the position was open and unfilled and we responded to the needs of our community, and our constituents."



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