SUNBURY — Sunbury Police are hoping to get a new five-year contract passed Monday night thanks to the work of officers, the solicitor and mayor.

Mayor Kurt Karlovich continues to push his police department toward the future by adding officers, searching for a new police building and now working with the police department to come to an agreement on a new contract.

Karlovich said he would be presenting the contract Monday night at the City Council meeting

Councilman Chris Reis said he was happy with the new contract.

"There was a lot of work on both sides and hopefully it passes on Monday night."

Officer Brad Slack and Cpl. Travis Bremegin led the negotiations with the city.

"We worked very hard to make concessions but also keep the department a competitive police job with hopes of attracting more candidates," Slack said.

Slack said the contract would be for five years and some of the highlights would be that officers are now going to be placed under a seven-year pay scale instead of the five-year in the previous contract.

Slack said officers will take longer to develop to full pay scale and that concession was in order to help the city budget for more officers.

Solictior Joel Wiest was also part of the negotiations which took out the extra expense of the city sending previous contracts to out of town attorneys.

The city has hired two officers this summer, Aaron Doyle in June and Trey Kurtz in July, bringing the department back up to seven full-time and two part-time officers, according to Officer in Charge Brad Hare.

Karlovich planned to stagger the hirings to replace several officers who retired or left the department for other reasons. Karlovich said he wants to see the department back up to full staffing at around 12 officers.

City Council meets at 6:15 p.m. inside City Hall.

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