SUNBURY — A senior judge will hear oral arguments for DNA testing in the exoneration case of Scott Schaeffer at 10 a.m. today.

Schaeffer, 54, of Sunbury has proclaimed his innocence in the 1986 murder of Rickey Wolfe. His attorney, Joel Wiest, of Sunbury, will now argue in front of Dauphin County Senior Judge Lawrence Clark at 10 a.m. inside the Northumberland County Courthouse as to why DNA testing should be conducted on 20 pieces of evidence collected but never tested for DNA.

Clark has been reviewing briefs filed by Wiest and the state Attorney General's Office for the past few months.


Deputy Attorney General Christopher Schmidt asked the court to deny the request to test 20 pieces of evidence collected but never tested.

If Clark grants testing and it would show that various other suspects or co-conspirators’ DNA could also help the case of the disappearance of Barbara Miller, Wiest wrote in a brief to the court.

— Francis Scarcella


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