Lynn Dauberman pulled up to United in Christ Lutheran Church in Union County, popped her car’s trunk and Jane Mertz dropped in a bag of diapers.

The Kelly Township church hosts a diaper giveaway monthly and parents like Dauberman are grateful for the help.

“It helps me out because all three of my kids are basically eating me out of house and home right now,” Dauberman, of Lewisburg, said with a chuckle. The donation helps free up money for clothes, she said, as her 3-month-old newborn is “growing fast.”

Mertz and fellow volunteers Shirley and Ted McPherrin, all from Milton, operated the Baby Steps Diaper Pantry on Saturday. The pantry provided 1,040 diapers to 26 recipients, Martz said — an average turnout and distribution.

“Some people are so appreciative of what they get, especially the wipes,” Shirley McPherrin said. “They were gone in the stores.”

Xae Cheveiez, of Lewisburg, was among the grateful.

“They get expensive,” Cheveiez, a mother of two, said of diapers.

Cheveiez works as a certified nursing assistant and said she remained on the job during the pandemic. Dauberman, too, worked through at an area nursing home.

The McPherrins are a married couple. Mertz is their in-law. They wore face masks and gloves and didn’t get within 6 feet of occupants of vehicles who drove up for the diaper dropoff. The occupants didn’t leave their vehicles. The measures, of course, were meant to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Prior to the pandemic, people could enter the church, pick out some items and mingle with each other.

“They figure the less people who are here, the better, to not spread germs,” Shirley McPherrin said of church leaders.

The diaper pantry is made possible by the Rich Huff Fund, established in 2013 following Huff’s untimely death from complications caused by a house fire. Huff portrayed Santa Claus for years at the Lycoming Mall and other venues. According to the church’s website,, the fund helps area kids with things like clothing and shoes, mattresses and bedding, prescription medicine and Christmas gifts.

The diaper pantry is in its fourth year, McPherrin said. Volunteers spent more than $5,000 on diapers last year and the pantry remains “well-stocked.”

Recipients get a bag with 40 diapers and baby wipes. Sometimes they receive seasonal items like gloves and scarves — food, too. On Saturday, the volunteers tucked children’s books into the diaper bags. The books were courtesy of the Milton/Warrior Run Kiwanis Club.

“We give $500 scholarships” for high school graduates, Mertz said. “We started with two but as we got more money we gave three, four.”

A fundraiser for the Rich Huff Fund had been planned for May 15-16. It’s postponed because of the coronavirus. A new date hasn’t yet been determined.

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