LEWISBURG — The northern section of the $865 million Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway project is about 80 percent complete, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation assistant plans engineer Matt Beck.

The information was provided by Beck on Friday at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg. He was the special guest speaker at the Joint Legislative Breakfast event hosted by the Greater Susquehanna Valley and Central PA Chambers of Commerce.

“The project’s overall impact is justified by the great benefits it will provide,” said Beck. “From a big-picture transportation perspective, CSVT helps achieve a modern Route 15 coordinator. US Route 15 is a major north-south route in central Penn, because of that, PennDOT has invested substantial resources to upgrade over the last few decades to upgrade it.”

The purpose of the projects is to separate trucks and through traffic from the local traffic, to improve safety and to reduce congestion and accommodate growth. It provides short-term job creation, will reduce costs of moving goods/people and provide adequate space for future growth, said Beck.

The northern section is on track to be finished by 2022 in the same year that construction will start for the southern section. Although the northern section will be opened for the public, the overall project will be completed in 2027, Beck said.

The project affects at least 75 landowners, roughly 400 acres of forested land, and 9 million cubic feet of earthwork, which is enough to fill Beaver Stadium in University Park 10 times, he said.

Kevin Johnson, an employee at Mountain View, a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Coal Township, said the session was “informative.”

“It was eye-opening,” he said. “Just the amount of permits and processes to get to this point is amazing.”

Shamokin Dam Mayor Joe McGranaghan, also the chair of the GSV Chamber Transportation Committee, said Beck and PennDOT have done “a wonderful job” at providing information to the public.

He encouraged the chamber to look forward to the future after the project for whatever the transportation needs will be once the thruway is open.

He also encouraged the members to support a bill that would allow municipal police to use radar. State House transportation committee. The State Senate in June approved Senate Bill 607, sponsored by State Sen. Mario Scavello, R-40, and it is now in the hands of the State House Transportation Committee.

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