Point Township Park gets another helping hand from Good Neighbor

Francis Scarcella/The Daily Item Bimbo employee Duane Gelnett works to spread infield dirt on the Point Township Park baseball field by spreading infield dirt. Bimbo Bakeries donated money and labor to the field as part of the company's Good Neighbor Project.

NORTHUMBERLAND — The Point Township Park baseball field got more upgrades thanks to Bimbo Bakeries USA.

As part of the company's Good Neighbor Project, the bakery's parent company Grupo Bimbo, sets aside $5,000 each year to donate to the community in which they have an operating plant. Bimbo bakeries offices are located in Sunbury.

"We are always happy to help out," Chris Barker, quality food and safety manager said. "We always want to be part of our community and make sure these types of projects are funded the best we can."

Point Township Park received 50 tons of infield dirt, safety netting and new foul poles in the last two years thanks to Bimbo.

"For myself, Point Township Supervisors and Point Township staff, words can't express our sincere gratitude to Bimbo Bakeries," Point Township Park Manager John Derr said. "We are thankful for all they have done for the Point Township community and recreational park."

Barker, along with several Bimbo employees, arrived at the park late last week and donated their time spreading the infield dirt, Derr said.

Bimbo's objective is to help promote physical activity, safety or helping the environment within the community near the bakery, Barker said.

The bakery donated $5,300 to the field this year. The group also provided a drag mat to be used on the baseball infield to help level the ground and make the ground balls safer to field, Barker said.

Over the last four years, the Northumberland bakery has contributed more than $25,000 and many hours of volunteers’ time to local parks and trails for new equipment promoting the Good Neighbor Project.

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