State troopers intercepted a package containing 1.1 pounds of methamphetamine bound for a home in West Buffalo Township, Union County, and arrested two men anticipating the delivery, according to arrest papers filed in district court.

Police seized the package with the suspected narcotics Friday from a UPS truck and orchestrated a sting Monday in which Christopher L. Brown and James E. King III accepted delivery of a package with the same parcel number, arrest papers state.

Police surveilled the package delivered to Brown’s home on Pine Cone Drive East, which was loaded by King into his Chevrolet Camaro about 6:30 p.m., two hours after it was delivered, arrest papers state.

King and Brown drove off and were soon after stopped and arrested, according to arrest papers.

Trooper Zachary Martin, state police at Montoursville, charged Brown, 39, of Mifflinburg, and King, 42, of Danville, with felony counts of possession with intent to delivery, criminal attempt and conspiracy. They’re also charged with misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia as well as criminal attempt and conspiracy related to both counts.

Brown and King are held on $200,000 cash bail at Union County Prison, Lewisburg, according to online docket information. They’re scheduled to appear for preliminary hearings Oct. 15 before Mifflinburg District Judge Jeffrey Mensch.

King is on federal probation, arrest papers state.

According to arrest papers, a “source of information” contacted Martin on Friday about the alleged methamphetamine shipment. Martin confirmed a package was out for delivery on a UPS truck and arranged for it to be tested by a drug-detection dog from the Union County Sheriff’s Office, which alerted to drugs contained inside, arrest papers state.

The package being sent to Brown’s home was addressed to a female who doesn’t live there, police said. It was opened under a search warrant ordered by Sunbury District Judge Michael Toomey and the suspected methamphetamine was discovered, arrest papers state.

The package delivered to Brown’s home under police surveillance was loaded with a non-controlled substance, arrest papers state. When the men were arrested and the box located in the trunk of King’s car, police said the noncontrolled substance inside, arrest papers state.

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