DANVILLE — The five-year police contract approved by the Danville Borough Council on Tuesday evening includes a 15 percent total increase for officers over five years, according to borough Manager Shannon Berkey. For example, after one year in service, a patrolman will be earning a salary of $52,427 (beginning in 2021). Under the current expiring contract, officers earn a salary of $41,597 after one year.

Also in the contract: the complement of officers went from six to seven. Health insurance remained at status quo, Berkey said. 

There was an increase in part-time wages to $20 per hour for 2021. An increase in life insurance coverage from $25,000 to $30,000 while in service for the borough.  Councilman Wesley Walters, chairman of the borough's personnel committee was involved in the negotiations and said at Tuesday's meeting, "It was a fair deal. There were compromises on both sides."

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