MILTON — An employee at Flying J Travel Plaza allegedly took more than $13,000 from the cash register over a two-month period, according to state police in Milton.

Valerie Rose Tallent, 34, of Dancing Bear Lane, Lewisburg, was charged with felony counts of theft by unlawful taking and theft by deception. The charges were filed by Trooper Chad Kramer, of the Milton State Police Barracks, in the Milton office of District Judge Michael Diehl.

Kramer on June 15 interviewed a manager at the truck stop in Milton, who said there were several discrepancies between the money reported to be in the register at the end of the third shift and the amount that was actually found to be in the register when it was counted at the beginning of the first shift. The manager told police it is common for cashiers to obtain extra funds from a separately secured drawer and document them as a loan to pay for requests from customers for cash advances when there is not enough money in the register to cover.

At the end of every shift for Tallent between April 22 and June 12, the amount of money reported by Tallent at the end of her shift was more than the amount the register actually contained when counted at the beginning of the next shift. The records show it was common for Tallent to take money as a loan when it was unnecessary to do so, the manager told police.

The manager related she reviewed the video surveillance from the week prior but did not have a clear view of the register where Tallent was working. She said she did observe Tallent using a piece of paper to track the amount in the register after each sale and advised Tallent did not appear to count her register at the end of her shift, the manager told police.

The total amount of money missing since April 22 was $13,722.95. Significant discrepancies were only found during her shift, the manager told police.

Tallent told Kramer that she had no knowledge of her register being short. She could not provide an explanation for the discrepancies and she was not adequately trained, according to court documents.

Tallent told Kramer that she took a loan from a separate drawer when the register told her to but related there were times she places the money in locations other than the register until the drawer was open, police said.

Tallent, who is free on $20,000 unsecured bail, waived her right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday. Her charges will now head to the Northumberland County Court of Common Pleas.


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