Selinsgrove schools.

Elementary students from the Selinsgrove Area School District walk to their buses after school in this file photo.

SELINSGROVE — Selinsgrove School District Board president Larry Augustine directed the buildings and ground committee at Monday's meeting to look into whether certain air vents in the elementary school had been properly cleaned. The inquiry was initiated after Lisa Neff, a former elementary school teacher, read a statement suggesting that poor air circulation had contributed to her severe respiratory illnesses in recent years.

Neff, who taught through the last school year at the elementary school, said that she believed some vents had not been properly cleaned for years. 

For that reason, Neff said, she had opted not to teach this year out of concern for her health — although by not teaching this year, she was passing up a bonus for length of service.

"I love teaching," she told the board. "But this was a decision I made for my family."

Augustine and several board members took her comments quite seriously.

"I too am concerned about the air quality, and that the vents haven't been properly inspected," said board member Kenneth Teats, who serves on the buildings and grounds committee. "I remember that last year we had mold issues." And then he questioned whether all vents had been inspected properly.

Before the conversation could continue, Augustine asked buildings and ground committee Chairman Thomas Badman to look into what Neff said. That meeting, which will have to be advertised, will be open to the public.

Earlier in the meeting Superintendent, Chad Cohrs said that the district was going to re-submit an RFP for the construction of another tennis court and additional parking spaces.

During New Business, Audrey Bear, managing director, PiperJaffray, of Camp Hill, presented issues regarding a parameters resolution to refinance bonds.