SUNBURY — Parents are now able to track COVID-19 cases through a new dashboard the Shikellamy School District has created on its website.

On Jan. 6 the district released the COVID-19 dashboard on their district website which will keep a two-week count of the number of cases in each of the Shikellamy school buildings, according to Superintendent Jason Bendle.

The dashboard also provides parents with information on when schools are forced to close based on the guidelines from our State Government and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, he said. 

"I got the idea from the Bloomsburg Area School District who has a similar dashboard on their website," Bendle said. "I credit Bloomsburg Superintendent Dr. Don Wheeler for sharing his idea with the district."

School director Slade Shreck said he was happy the district made the move to add the dashboard.  

"It was put to keep parents and students updated," he said. "I think this is a good idea because we want everyone to be updated in case people don't get media alerts on the cases."

Bendle said the district is working to be completely transparent regarding its number of COVID-19 cases with the public.

"The dashboard was created so that anyone from the community can see where each of our buildings are at in regards to the number of positive COVID-19 cases," he said.

"Although the district has provided various educational options for our families to choose from, we believe that in-person instruction is best. The district has worked hard to continue to provide an in-person option for families throughout the health crisis with very few interruptions. This is a credit to our teacher and students for following our safety protocols, from our cleaning staff's dedication to keeping our schools cleaner than they have ever been, and to our school board members' support of helping make decisions to limit risk during the health crisis." 

Bendle said he does not rule out buildings temporarily closing again in the next two months.

"The district will work to keep the buildings open as much as possible while following our health and safety plan to limit risk the best we can," he said.  

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