SUNBURY — The Shikellamy School District is asking residents to check their 2020 per capita and occupation taxes for mistakes in job classifications.

"There were some errors in job classifications on the bills that were mailed out in July," Superintendent Jason Bendle said. "We have heard from many constituents regarding this issue.

Bendle said in order for the district to operate efficiently, they need each taxpayer to review their bill for accuracy of job classification.

"If your job classification is not classified properly, we are asking that you complete a classification change form with the Northumberland County Assessment office," Bendle said.

The Shikellamy board of directors is extending the discount period through Oct. 31 for any individual that has received or receives a revised occupation tax bill due to this issue, Bendle said.

"There will be no change to the terms and conditions for the payment of Real Estate taxes or originally issued per capita and occupation taxes."

Northumberland County Chief Assessor Tiffany Kaseman said Shikellamy has been using its own database for the taxes for the last 20 years, but used the county's database in 2020. There are inaccuracies between the two systems, she said.

The district letters "are the school's attempt to make sure residents are getting the right classification," said Kaseman. "It's the most effective way to steady the course."

Kaseman said it's "very generous" of the school district to allow extensions.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact the Shikellamy School District at 570-286-3721.

A job reclassification form can be obtained at the Northumberland County Administration building at 399 Stadium Drive, in Sunbury. 

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